Your ticket to adventure!

And face-melting prizes that will make legends of ordinary degens.

Pixel Raffle is a high-stakes raffle on the blockchain, where no one walks away empty-handed, but few take home obscene stacks of loot. Join our inaugural raffles to land your 8-Bit Legends playable PFP and 18 chances to win 6.9 ETH starting Monday, September 18th!

What We're About

Our raffles are provably fair, 100% on-chain and powered by NFTs. Every ticket becomes a unique NFT collection after the grand prize winner is selected, making Pixel Raffle the most exciting minting platform for digital collectibles.

Our inaugural raffle tickets transform into exclusive Gen 0 PFPs and playable sprite avatars for use in the 8-Bit Legends web3 game ecosystem, starting with our premier title, Midway Mayhem.

The Raffle

Join our first raffle series for 18 chances to win a staggering 6.9 ETH! To secure your spot to mint a ticket and playable PFP follow us on Twitter and join our forthcoming Discord community for opportunities to get on the Pixel Raffle whitelist.


The Reveal

Once the raffle is concluded and a winner is chosen, the real adventure will begin. Each raffle ticket in our inaugural mint will become an 8-Bit Legends playable PFP. These avatars will grant you early access and special abilities within the 8-Bit Legends ecosystem.

8-Bit Legends

8-Bit Legends is the flagship gaming project from D¢ENT Ventures and launching on Pixel Raffle as its primary case study.

In this retro-gaming-inspired parallel meta-reality, a race of LoFi humanoids known as 8-Bit DeGens were created out of the ether to populate FOMOtopia, a nostalgia-laden Carnival, with the sole purpose of testing every game and experience in the park for maximum dopamine extraction. With their help, future guests will enter but they will NEVER want to leave.

Hodler Benefits

Hodling $8BTC and/or an 8-Bit DeGen will grant you valuable PixelRaffle, community, and IRL perks, as well as exclusive access to a wide range of 8-Bit Legends in-game benefits.




  • Initiating Twitter raffles / Weekly promotion campaigns
  • Open Discord server to the public
  • Inaugural Raffle Mint Series Opens
  • 8-Bit Legends playable PFP reveal
  • Launch Partnership Raffle Mints


  • Begin development of the "8-Bit Legends: Midway Mayhem" game
  • Beta game released to 8-Bit Legends PFP holders
  • 8-Bit Legends series 2 playable PFP raffle mint
  • Beta ends and Free-to-Play Midway Mayhem game loop opens to the public


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